Monday, 26 July 2010

Craft Space Project 1 - Complete... maybe...

I have always had issues with my ribbons, was much more drama when I had a range of different kinds but since I've decided to only use Stampin' Up! products they have been stored in a drawer, however I'm a firm believer of out of sight out of mind... so many treasures were found when I emptied out my craft space back in NZ... so I decided I needed somewhere handy, visible and pleasing to the eye... the last part is still to come but I've put together this to store my ribbons.

I found a plain drawer in the IKEA "as is" area that was perfect (white and eye pleasing), grabbed some curtain wire, hooks and eyes and put it together. The ribbon runs a bit "too" freely so I'm going to get some white beads to place between the ribbon reels to fill in some space until I've filled it up *rubs hands together in thought of purchasing more colours and designs*

The plan was to put some designer paper in the back but since it's wider than the 12" I've decided to hold off until I've decided what to do with the bottom part and I've finished my craft room as I'm not sure what colours to use in the background and I'll need atleast 4 sheets of the designer paper or 4+ sheets of stamped A4 paper.

Now onto Project 2... find a way to store my punches so they too are in sight...

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