Thursday, 5 August 2010

My Craft Space

Well in the process of setting up my work shop room, I've cleared our Josh's (my husbands) office and made it my craft space until I can arrange everything for my class room. It's looking rather empty at the moment but I thought I'd share my progress from my messy desk below.

These two tables will be replaced with two large trestle tables which will be placed in the middle of the room with a lazy susan in the middle for all the immediate supplies.

I'm hoping to find something to fill in the large blank walls but for now they will remain blank.

These book shelves along with the tables were in the house when we arrived, they have just been pulled from a range of rooms to create a place for my stamps, supplies & samples to be stored.

I have a range of ribbons currently on order which will fill in some more space on the ribbon display, still to find a suit display / storage system for the punches that won't damage the walls.

This is my current work space. I'm trying to keep it bare in a means to keep it clean but still working on a few things ;-)

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