Monday, 2 August 2010

Product Shares

Are you wanting to selection a of EVERYTHING but just can’t see how you can without winning lotto next week, well I’ve got a simple solution for you, a product share. This is where a group of people who are all interested in “sharing” a range of products so that they can sample, try and use a bit of everything without breaking the bank. You are more than welcome to join in one share or them all.
This shares will be ordered on the 11th of September and need to be pay for by the 8th to ensure that everyone gets theirs as soon as possible.

Rhinestone Brads @ $40 per share – includes; Clear – 11 of each size (3), Circle Fire & Circle Ice – 2 of each size (3) in 4 colours, Square Fire & Square Ice – 4 of each size (2) in 4 colours. Total of 145 Rhinestone Brads

Button Share @ $34 per share – includes 2 of each design (3) in 24 colours (6 from each colour family). Total of 144 Buttons

Brad Share @ $17 per share – includes 6 of each colour (24 colours in total). Total of 144 Brads

Surprise Share @ $34 per share – includes 4 of each colour (24 colours in total) Total of 96 items

Pictures of each share will be available 1st September including more details on the surprise share, which I’d love to reveal now however due to it being a new product I am unable to.

If you wish to put your name down you are more than welcome to adjust your order once pictures are displayed.

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